I'm Turken To Ya'

Browsing through countless articles, travel blogs, and sites has led me to the conclusion that this place called Turkey is somewhat of a gem of the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe.

Maybe the travelers were more prepared for their findings than I, but I had no idea about anything it held besides Istanbul, the Ottoman Empire and a bunch of bazaar loving gypsies.

I've got three days left before I embark on a trip that really hasn't been mapped out. The loose plan is to connect in Trabzon for a bus that shuttles to the center of the country—in the vicinity of Goreme—where the scenery resembles that of Tatooine.

The kicker of the trip is the camping. Crystal, Bradley and me will be using a pop-up tent to sleep for several of the 10 nights we'll be gone over our Easter break. There's no real camp spots or roads in mind. Everything will be on a whim—accordingly planned.

There's also the tree hotels that are supposedly cheap and gorgeous near the town of Olympos. I'm not exactly sure what a tree hotel is like, but I envision it's more glamorous than the high sleeping quarters Dr. Grant took the kids into in Jurassic Park—or sleeping on the hard ground.

That's all I got for now. I'll update the fallouts and fun follies from the trip in the weeks ahead.

As far as what's been going on, the last month has been a bit of a string of continuity that really isn't worth 500 words to map out. Here's a few spontaneous shots from the Blackberry. Enjoy.

Eka and Lollie's Organics

And their kinkhali

Outskirts of Kutaisi

Morning view of Tskhratskaro

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